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Scratch the updates that mlehdesigns got in July . I have just finished completely redesigning and organizing the website and business . Hopefully you will find it better and more appealing !

Now mlehdesigns branches out into photography , music , writing , tutorials , and fashion . All of the sections are up and running , but that doesn't mean they are all very active ! The most active sections are still the designs and photography . Fashion is also growing in the part it plays to mlehdesigns .

Anyways check it out :
The tutorials website is promised to be out before (or at the start) of this coming school year . I also am hosting a separate branch going by the name of STARS ASIA . More information to come on that one .

As you can see on my boat I was productive , and made many new works for my Kpop star obsessions ! Enjoy usage ~ <3 Someday I hope to get somewhere :D

감함습니다 !
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Heya (:

So I've been working on remaking the site . It should be up soon !

I have also been working a lot of my free service of wallpapers (: I hope you all like them <3

Most of them are of Kpop artists , and some very popular canadian/american artists or actors of course !
They are available for download . I will make themes on request as well !

Thanks for the support ,
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MLEHDESIGNS has moved !
right here is the new account on deviantart .
i decided to move the account here because i wanted to start afresh .
eventually i'll take down the old account's stuff and move everything to here .
the old account wasn't very active so my aim is to be super involved !

if you didn't know ,
i am a graphic design artist ...
i play the piano and write lyrics ...
i also draw , paint - anything like that ...
i love photography (fashion , sports , nature , animals ) ...
lastly i can write , stories .
no one sees them though =D

anywho i hope you'll follow mlehdesigns .
we're expanding later in 2010 .
after my exams are done ... they're in a week .
I should be studying right now .
opps ;]

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